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How Much Do Surrogates In Nevada Make Really?

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If you are considering being a miracle in the life of a family by surrogacy, we have to say thank you for your generosity and love. Many couples in and outside of Nevada have a dream of growing their families and are unable to do so without the kindness of other women who intentionally carry out the act of pregnancy and childbirth to make those dreams a reality. Genesis Rising Surrogacy Center in Nevada is always ready to help women decide if surrogacy is the right choice for them!

How Much Do Surrogates In Nevada Make?

Women who become surrogates are compensated for the time, effort, and energy that comes with being a gestational carrier for another family. First-time surrogates can earn up to $40,000 with a generous benefits package included. Experienced surrogates can earn more than first-time carriers.

While you are on the journey, nothing in your life has to change at all. Aside from carrying the gift of a child for another family, your life can remain the same. The compensation you earn as a gestational carrier is yours to do with as you wish. Surrogates often use the compensation to pay off debts, save for retirement, or put a down payment on a large purchase like a home. The laws in Nevada regarding surrogacy are fairly simple as far as compensation is concerned.

Do I Have To Pay For Anything?

Absolutely not! You are providing an incredible opportunity that families can grow from. That is priceless! All pregnancy-related medical fees are covered and you are not expected to financially contribute anything.

When Will I Be Compensated?

Compensation begins right away. There is a step-by-step process that starts pre-pregnancy. From the start of IVF medication, you are compensated in installments. The amount of the compensation may vary from contract to contract depending on the negotiated agreements between you and the intended parents. But, the payment schedule will be outlined in your agreement before you sign it. (You will have an attorney to represent you at no cost to you).

What If Complications Arise?

Complications can come up in ANY pregnancy and surrogates are protected in their contracts for unanticipated events. For example, there may be travel expenses, missed wages due to medical procedures or bed rest, expenses for maternity clothing, invasive procedures (amniocentesis, ectopic pregnancy, d & c, etc), multiple pregnancies, mock cycles and dropped cycles.

You will have the opportunity to discuss unexpected events and miscellaneous areas surrounding the pregnancy that you can expect to be compensated for with an attorney.

In Nevada, surrogates can make a healthy amount of money by acting in love and being the answer that a family has been waiting for. The journey is not easy or simple, but for those that truly want to help others achieve the dream of being parents - it is eternally worth it!

Contact Genesis Rising today to learn more about surrogacy and how you can give the gift of a miracle to another family.

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