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How Do I Become A Surrogate In New York?

become a surrogate mother new york

Becoming a surrogate mother for an individual or couple who wants a baby is a life-changing and amazing experience. Surrogacy is a process that gestational carriers are committed to. The women that choose to become surrogates and carry a baby for intended parents are selfless and have incredible strength of character.

How To Become A Surrogate Mother In New York

Women who consider becoming a surrogate often spend time wondering if this journey is the right one for them and if it's the right time in their life to do it. That decision is truly challenging to make without knowing exactly what it takes to become a surrogate mother.

Genesis Rising Surrogacy Center has the surrogacy application process laid out and detailed so that applicants know what to expect along the way. But there is a process that typically looks like this:

  • Apply to become a surrogate - This is an initial screening to see if the applicant meets some of the requirements to become a surrogate. Anything that wouldn't pass the surrogacy laws and criteria in New York will be screened through this process before moving forward.

  • If an applicant meets the pre-screening requirements, she can move through to the next step. This step may vary depending on the agency you are working with but it usually includes social/medical history, medical physical exam, mental health evaluation, in-home assessment, and background checks.

This information is needed to make sure that the health and safety of the surrogate and baby are protected, and that the surrogate is physically and psychologically prepared for the surrogacy process.

Is Becoming A Surrogate Hard?

It may seem like a long and difficult process, but it is designed to protect everyone involved. If the thought of helping another build their own family is something that brings you joy, find peace in knowing that every part of the screening process is to care for you as well as the intended parents.

I Want To Be A Surrogate Mother - Now What?

After meeting the qualifications, if you know that you are ready to commit to the journey, then you will move forward within the process. The next steps will include:

  • Choosing the type of surrogacy that you want to be involved in

  • Deciding between working with an agency or with an independent attorney that specializes in surrogacy

  • Creating a surrogacy plan that will work with your life, including the type of intended parents you would like to work with and if you are comfortable carrying multiples.

After these steps, you are ready to pair with intended parents and move forward. What a journey! It starts out big because it is a big decision for everyone. The choice to become a surrogate mother is huge - and it takes a big heart and a lot of ambition.

Are you ready to become a surrogate? You can apply now!

Or you can reach out to our surrogacy professionals for more information with no obligation!

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