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How to Apply

The process of applying to be a surrogate is straight forward.  We will walk you through each step.

Start by filling out our Application at the bottom of this page.  Once your application is received you will be contacted by your Case Manager to review it and to get your questions answered about the process and financial compensation.  Your Case Manager will likely be a previous surrogate who can help you every step of the way.

We will have you sign a medical release to get your OB records from past pregnancies and deliveries, do a background check, an insurance review, and a phone interview with a licensed counselor to ensure you feel emotionally prepared to start this exciting journey.

Once we determine your acceptance into our program, you will sign an agreement with Genesis Rising Surrogacy Center and we will put together your matching profile which will be shown to prospective Intended Parent(s).  Your preferences for what type of parent(s) to carry for is our priority and your requests will be respected.


After a match with the prospective Intended Parent(s) is made, we will do a conference call to ensure that all parties wish to move forward.  If all goes well, we will arrange for a face to face meeting to meet either in person or over webcam.


Once a match is made, a medical screening will be scheduled at a fertility clinic chosen by the Intended Parent(s).  Your travel will be arranged and paid for with no out of pocket expenses to you.  All costs are covered by the Intended Parent(s).

After your medical screening, we will help you select an attorney who will represent you and put together your gestational agreement or contract for your review.  Your contract will outline your compensation schedule.  The Intended Parent(s) will have a separate attorney so there is not a conflict of interest.

Once your contract is signed you will begin receiving your monthly compensation allowance and receive a transfer calendar from your fertility clinic.

Your Case Manager will work closely with you from this point on to ensure that all of your medical appointments are scheduled and the communication between you and the Intended Parent(s) is smooth, and your hospital plan goes like clockwork when it's time to deliver the much anticipated bundle of joy.

Let us do the work for you.  If you have questions, please contact us. 

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