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Nevada Surrogacy Laws

surrogacy laws nevada

Nevada residents have opportunities to expand their families more than they have ever before. Because of medical breakthroughs in IVF (In Vitro Fertilization) and ART (Assisted Reproductive Technologies), and Nevada Laws, surrogacy contracts provide an invaluable solution for many people who hope to become parents. Genesis Rising is always on top of the newest laws and regulations surrounding surrogacy in Nevada and wants to make sure our intended parents and surrogates understand everything that they can about the legal aspects of surrogacy in Nevada.

  1. Surrogacy is available to different types of family units - Which means that unmarried and married couples are both permitted to have a child via surrogacy. Nevada law also permits single people and same-sex couples to choose surrogacy to expand their families.

  2. Compensation is legally allowed - Some states do not allow compensation for surrogates. Nevada does not carry this law and surrogates can be compensated rewardingly for the selfless and compassionate act of carrying a child for another family.

  3. Surrogacy contracts are valuable and necessary - Contracts for gestational surrogates and intended parents protect the rights and responsibilities of both parties. Contracts can include many clauses regarding how the surrogacy process will begin, if compensation will be provided for the surrogate and how much that compensation might be, details of the timeline in which compensation will be dispursed to the surrogate, parental right concerns, health requirements of the surrogate, what happens in the event of a pregnancy complication like miscarriage, and other medical agreements regarding testing and treatment during pregnancy.

  4. Traditional Surrogacy is not allowed - That means that the surrogate mother cannot "contribute any gametes that will ultimately result in an embryo that she will attempt to carry to term." Traditional surrogacy is not a common practice in today's world but it does occur. In Nevada, it is not allowed.

  5. Pre-Birth Parentage Orders are common and easy to get - Regardless of the marital status of the intended parents and even whether or not they are biologically related to the baby, obtaining a pre-birth parentage order is fairly easy to do in Nevada.

  6. A surrogacy contract is required - According to state law, the surrogacy contract must be completed before any medical processes can begin. Genesis Rising knows the laws surrounding surrogacy and every appropriate step to take to legally. With the rise of the internet also comes a rise in legal templates that you download for free - and riddled with errors and possible illegal clauses.

Choosing Genesis Rising for your surrogacy journey ensures that all legal aspects of surrogacy are taken care of in the right order. Our surrogacy specialists are experienced and educated in this field and take extreme care in making sure that all documents and duties are completed appropriately according to Nevada State Laws.

To learn more about Surrogacy laws in Nevada and how surrogacy might fit into your life, contact a specialist at Genesis Rising today!

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