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The Process

As Intended Parent(s) the decision to become a parent through gestational surrogacy is exciting!  It is a wonderful way to achieve your dreams of parenthood.  But, it is also normal to you feel a little overwhelmed.


Genesis Rising Surrogacy Center walks you through each step in the process and ensures you understand what is required.  We provide you with the tools, guidance, and information to complete each step.  

Step 1

Step 1:  Application

In order to start the process with Genesis Rising you must first submit the Application.  You can find it here.  There is a $500 application fee.  You will be contacted by Genesis Rising within 48 hours of submitting your application to discuss your situation and to answer your questions. You will be given the password to our Available Surrogates web page to begin reviewing our available surrogates.  Our Surrogates are carefully screened, ready to be matched, and excited about the transfer happening quickly.  If you are new to the process and don't yet have your embryos, please contact us for a list of reputable IVF clinics in your area.

Step 2

Step 2:  Pre-Match

You will be introduced to your Journey Coordinator who will review our available surrogates/carriers with you, send you all of the documents which need to be completed before your matching profile is ready to be presented to prospective surrogates.  A matching profile includes photos of you so this is a good time to begin compiling 3-5 high quality photos which will be presented to prospective carriers. Once your matching profile is completed to your satisfaction, the matching fee is due. 


Step 3

Step 3:  Matching

Genesis Rising Surrogacy Center matches ready and approved surrogates with intended parent(s) based upon the matching criteria filled out in the applications from both parties.  Our Available Surrogates page is very helpful because it is continually updated and you can see at a glance the surrogates that are approved and waiting for a match.  


If you wish to pursue a match, your profile is sent to the surrogate for her review. If both parties wish to pursue the match, a match call is set up.  If both parties agree to the match, her OB/Delivery records are sent for a records review to your clinic.   


If your clinic pre-approves her, a match is confirmed and the first half of the agency fee is due.  An appointment is made for your surrogate to complete a medical screening appointment at your IVF clinic.  If your IVF doctor medically clears the surrogate, you will move on to legal contracts.

Step 4

Step 4: Legal

You and your surrogate are required to have separate attorneys/legal counsel to ensure that all parties interests are represented and that the terms of the surrogacy  agreement are clearly spelled out.  It is critical that the attorney you select and the attorney that your surrogate selects are experienced in the drafting and reviewing of the agreement. We will refer you and the surrogate to attorneys who have years of experience in the field of surrogacy.  Once both attorney retainer fees are paid, the second half of the agency fee is due.

Once the terms of the agreement are agreed upon, the Gestational Surrogacy Agreement (contract) is signed.  Please note that the Gestational Surrogacy Agreement or Contract must be reviewed, agreed upon and signed prior to starting any IVF related medical protocol/procedure such as medication start or embryo transfer. 

Step 5

Step 5:  IVF Cycle

This is an exciting stage in the process because your surrogate has completed all of the necessary requirements and has been cleared for the embryo transfer.  Your IVF clinic will establish a medication schedule for your surrogate.  The medications serve to prepare her body for the embryo transfer.  The IVF clinic will also set the transfer date.  

Step 6

Step 6:  Pregnancy and Delivery

Once pregnancy is achieved, it is a time to celebrate!  Your surrogate will stay with the IVF clinic for 9-10 weeks and then transfer to a regular OB for the remainder of the pregnancy.  This is a time to have regular communication with your surrogate so you can participate in the pregnancy as much as possible. 


A Pre-Birth order is obtained by your attorney and preparations are made for the baby's birth at around 16-18 weeks.  A hospital is chosen and a hospital plan is submitted giving the hospital notice of the surrogacy delivery.  Once the baby is born, the baby will go directly to you for care and custody.  Genesis Rising will assist in obtaining the baby's birth certificate.  If you reside outside the United States, we will assist you getting the baby's passport. Congratulations!  

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