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About Us

Genesis Rising was founded in Las Vegas, Nevada by Catharine Murray, a licensed clinical social worker.  She has over two decades of experience in creating elegant adoption plans for pregnant women by matching them with approved families in the field of domestic adoption.  
She brings her adoption experience to Genesis Rising by specializing in preparing women for gestational surrogacy through education, counseling, one on one interviews, medical screening, and preparation prior to matching with intended parent(s).   Her leadership style is professional, thorough, yet compassionate when working with and screening prospective carriers.  Her team provides custom, personalized, and local services to our gestational carriers and actively advocates for their needs.  

We partner with local fertility clinics who are world renowned for their ongoing research and pioneering efforts to reach greater success in IVF procedures ensuring your safety and a successful pregnancy on the first try.  Their state of the art facilities speak for themselves.
Our local legal teams have years of experience practicing surrogacy law and creating legal contracts which provide protections as well as financial compensation to our gestational carriers at every step in the process.  

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