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Compensation and Benefits

Surrogacy is an act of love and generosity. As a surrogate mother, you will be the miracle a family has been waiting for. The overwhelming majority of our gestational carriers come to us seeking first to help others, but that doesn’t mean the process is easy, and we ensure that our surrogates are fairly compensated.


A first time gestational surrogate can earn up to $50,000 ($45,000 base compensation, plus benefit package $5,000). Experienced surrogates can earn even more. Surrogates are compensated for their time, effort, and energy. While helping grow a family, you can pay off debt, put a down payment on a home, become a stay at home parent, or just grow your savings account. The best part is, you don’t have to make many changes to the way you are living right now. You can still go to work, spend time with your family, and participate in pregnancy safe hobbies. Surrogates do not pay for any pregnancy related expenses.

How does it work?

Compensation is clearly outlined in the Gestational Carrier Agreement (contract) and is agreed upon by the surrogate and the Intended Parent(s) prior to the embryo transfer. Your compensation will be split up into several payments starting when the Gestational Carrier Agreement is signed and is administered on a regular schedule as outlined in your contract. Genesis Rising works with you to determine compensation and once a match is made, the Intended Parent(s) will work with their attorney to create a benefit package for you. 


You will have your own own attorney, paid for by the Intended Parent(s), who will review the Gestational Carrier Agreement to ensure you are appropriately compensated and you (and your husband or domestic partner) are in agreement. The compensation varies slightly between contracts and largely depends on what is negotiated between you and the intended parents. This is an information sheet to give you an idea of what you can expect financially along the way.

Base Compensation

First Time Surrogate's Base Compensation ($45,000.00)

Your base compensation, or pre-birth child support, will be the bulk of your compensation package. It is paid in monthly installments once a heartbeat is heard on an ultrasound. This is around five weeks after a successful embryo transfer. Experienced surrogates will earn more base compensation than first time surrogates.

Experienced surrogates Base Compensation ($55,000+)


Multiples fee ($8,000.00)

Surrogates carrying twins or triplets earn more in base compensation. The multiples fee is split up and added to your monthly payments after the 16th week of pregnancy.

Benefit Package 

Start of IVF medication fee ($750.00)

This is paid when you begin taking medication to prepare your body for the embryo transfer. Please be aware that some of the medication must be injected. If the first embryo transfer is unsuccessful, and you and your intended parent(s) decide to try again, this fee will be paid again on your next active cycle. 


Embryo transfer fee ($1,000.00)

This fee is paid to you within the week following your embryo transfer. If multiple embryo transfers are required to achieve a successful pregnancy this fee will be paid each time.


Monthly allowance fee ($250.00)

This fee is paid to the surrogate monthly after the Gestational Carrier Agreement (contract) is signed to cover small pregnancy expenses such as travel within 75 miles, local doctor appointments, postage, phone calls, faxes, and other expenses such as prenatal vitamins and home pregnancy tests.


Maternity Clothing ($1,000.00)

This fee is paid between 12 and 16 weeks of pregnancy, varying by contract. Surrogates carrying multiples receive a second maternity clothing allowance later in the pregnancy.


Mock Cycle ($500.00)

You are compensated for any practice cycles you may be asked to do. Not all surrogates are asked to do a mock cycle.


Dropped cycle ($500.00)

If you begin an IVF cycle that gets cancelled due to no fault of your own, you are still compensated for the cycle.


Invasive procedures ($500.00-$1,000.00)

Compensation ranges based upon the procedure. These include but are not limited to: any procedure requiring anesthesia such as a hysteroscopy, amniocentesis, selective reduction, ectopic pregnancy, and miscarriage requiring a D&C.


Medically recommended or necessary C-section ($3,500.00)

If the doctor deems a cesarean section necessary for delivery you will be compensated for the procedure. This includes a C-section that is considered necessary solely because of a previous C-section.


Loss of reproductive organs ($3,000.00-$8,000.00)

This is highly variable depending on what organ(s) is/are lost and what compensation is agreed upon in your Gestational Carrier Agreement (contract).



Surrogates are also compensated for long distance travel, lost wages, child care and some housekeeping services if needed due to medical procedures, bed rest or delivery. All travel costs are covered for the surrogate and her travel partner. You and your partner will also receive a set amount for food when traveling. Surrogates carrying multiples may also be compensated for some housekeeping services.


**This is just a snapshot of what your benefit package may look like. Your contract will outline your exact package.**

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