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Why Genesis Rising?

We deliver everything but the baby. 


We are a full service surrogacy center.  


Our specialty is providing extensive services and support to our surrogates - otherwise  known as gestational carriers. 


Our surrogates receive generous benefit packages to include competitive compensation

to participate in our program.


Our surrogates are medically evaluated and cleared by a fertility center before matching them with  intended parents to reduce your risk.

We accept surrogates from almost every state (can't reside in Nebraska, Michigan, or Louisiana), and Intended Parent(s) from both the United States and various countries abroad.

We prepare and educate our surrogates for this life changing journey.  Our coordinators are amazing and work well to support our surrogates during this exciting time.

Our Coordinators often are experienced surrogates themselves.  They manage each case to ensure that the highest levels of care, financial integrity, communication, emotional support, and overall best ethical practice is applied.

We Partner with world renowned fertility doctors and attorneys to ensure a worry-free experience.  


Our 20 Years of adoption experience is a natural transition into surrogacy work as relationships with hospitals and other professionals are already in place.

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