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Application & Screening 

Egg donors must first apply to our egg donation program and then go through an initial interview with our team.  Only donor applicants who meet all of our requirements are accepted into the program and eligible to be matched with a recipient.  


Once you are selected as a donor candidate you will be placed in a pool from which recipients can choose.  Once a match is made you will be referred to the IVF clinic for screening.  


If you are matched with a recipient you will be required to self-administer daily injections of medications which will suppress your regular cycle if you are doing a fresh cycle and you will take estrogen and progesterone to prepare will trigger ovulation and thicken your endometrial lining.  An ideal uterine lining is at least 7 mm which is critical to the success of a donor egg cycle.


Once an ultrasound confirms that you eggs have sufficiently developed you will be instructed to trigger your ovulation with an injection of hCG.  Your eggs are retrieved during an IVF clinic in-office procedure under IV sedation.  You will be required to take the rest of the day off in order to recover. 


Retrieved eggs are then used to fertilize with sperm in order to create embryos.  If you are assisting in creating embryos for a fresh cycle the embryos are transferred on day 3 after your retrieval.  You will be required to attend a post retrieval checkup to make sure you are recovering appropriately form the ovarian stimulation and retrieval.  

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