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Becoming A Surrogate In Nevada: What Makes A Woman An AMAZING Surrogate Mother?

becoming a surrogate nevada

Surrogates have special qualities about them. They are amazing women, to begin with, and that is just enhanced when they choose to become a surrogate in Nevada or anywhere else in the U.S. These are some of the characteristics of the best surrogate mothers. 1. They have a strong desire to help others. The biggest reward for surrogates is knowing that they have given the biggest and best gift to a family.

2. They have excellent communication skills. They are able to voice their questions, hopes, fears, concerns, and opinions clearly. Matching with intended parents also means keeping consistent communication with IP's.

3. They have support from friends and family. They do not have to be married to become a surrogate, but great surrogates have a great support system that can help with the emotional ebb and flows that happen during surrogacy.

4. They are already a mom. They have given birth and show a history of uncomplicated pregnancies/deliveries. This is a requirement and a standard from the American Society of Reproductive Medicine (ASRM).

5. To ensure the emotional stability of a surrogate, she must be at least 21 years of age. Surrogacy is a huge responsibility and can impact women in really significant ways.

6. Surrogates are stable and healthy. They do not have significant health concerns. Surrogates should have a low BMI, are non-smokers and do not tend to have a history of mental health issues like severe anxiety or depression.

Joining the surrogacy sisterhood is joining a community of women who share in the unique and special experience of being a surrogate. Your decision to become a surrogate is something that we want you to feel proud of and empowered by. Our commitment to all of our applicants is to make sure that the surrogacy journey is one that is safe for them.

We encourage questions! If you'd like to schedule a time to see if you might qualify to become a surrogate in Nevada, get started here.

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