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6 Reasons Why Surrogacy Is A Great Solution For Intended Parents

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People who dream of becoming parents live a life of hope. They hope for a pregnancy without complications, a healthy child, building their lives with a family. But for many, the dream of becoming pregnant and birthing a healthy child can be complicated and even life-threatening. Surrogacy provides an alternative route to reaching the dream of a family. For intended parents, that isn’t the only benefit.

1. Maintain Genetic Ties To The BabyGestational surrogacy is a realistic way for one or both of the intended parents to maintain a biological connection to the child. Genetically, the child is part of the DNA of the family.

2. Surrogacy Is A Solution For Many – Surrogacy is a benefit, and a choice, that is inclusive. People struggling with infertility, who suffer from medical conditions, and LGBT couples have all successfully created a family through gestational surrogacy.

3. It Is A Planned Out Journey – For intended parents, surrogacy provides an opportunity to be involved in the journey. From the embryo transfer to the birth, the intended parents are often actively attending key appointments, enjoying pregnancy milestones like hearing the heartbeat, viewing the ultrasound, and finding out the gender of the baby.

4. Surrogacy Is Often Successful And Healthy – Surrogates are thoroughly screened and have been proven to carry healthy pregnancies. This makes surrogacy a much less risky option than fertility treatments.

5. Surrogacy Is Legally Binding – From the start of the journey, legal contracts are created and outline, in detail, the expectations of all involved. There is little room for surprises because this legally binding contract is negotiated and signed well before the embryo transfer. The intended parents are legally equipped with a court order that confirms their legal rights before the baby is born.

6. It Offers Peace Of Mind – For intended parents, the journey to parenthood is often tumultuous before surrogacy becomes an option for them. The physical risks to the mother and the child are stressors in any pregnancy, but even more so for those who have experienced medical issues due to pregnancy. Surrogacy is a much more peaceful journey that has a high success rate. The pregnancy is often much easier to enjoy and get excited about.

As in any pregnancy, surrogacy is not without risks and complications for both the surrogate and the intended parents. That is why working with an experienced surrogacy professional like Genesis Rising in Nevada is essential. From the beginning, intended parents should be aware of any and all complications involved in the surrogacy process.

The goal at Genesis Rising is to make sure that the surrogacy experience is positive for surrogates and intended parents. For the women that choose to become surrogates and the intended parents that choose this route to create their families, the benefits of surrogacy often outweigh the risks and challenges immensely.

The journey is life-changing for all involved. If you are considering surrogacy as a way to help build and grow your family, we want to make sure that you are educated and aware of the realities of surrogacy (legal, emotional, and physical). To learn more about surrogacy and what that journey might look like for you and your unique situation, contact Genesis Rising in Nevada right now!

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