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4 Children's Books About Surrogacy

As if having "the talk" with kids isn't difficult enough - adding in the element of where babies come from via surrogacy is another challenge altogether. We all know that there are no parenting manuals, but there's a whole lot of debate about what we should and shouldn't do as parents...and we all want to do it the best way possible.

Psychologists recommend open and honest conversation from the start whether you are talking to a child who arrived via surrogacy, is celebrating a new sibling via surrogacy, or watching you carry a child as a surrogate for another family. Lucky for us, there are experts who can help guide us.

Keeping your child’s developmental age in mind, you can find a plethora of resources to help them understand the surrogacy process in a fun and easy way.

Children’s books are an amazing tool for children when it comes to comprehension.

Here are 4 amazing children’s books about surrogacy with great reviews on Amazon

The Very Kind Koala: A Surrogacy Story for Children - One Amazon reviewer described this book as ‘perfect’, saying she had bought every child’s book about surrogacy and this one tops all of them. She said that even her 2-year-old started to grasp the idea and loved the book.

This book isn’t intended for children whose mothers are providing a surrogate service - but it is one of the top choices for kids who are waiting for or who have welcomed a new sibling via surrogacy. You can see more books by Kimberly Kluger-Bell here. This book has 4 ½ stars out of 99 ratings!

The Kangaroo Pouch: A Story About Surrogacy for Young Children - The Kangaroo Pouch was written by a gestational surrogate and vetted by various doctors and childhood professionals to ensure the content is appropriate for the age group it’s intended for. This story follows a young kangaroo whose mother is helping a family realize their dream of having a baby. This book explains what the journey is like for his family. An excellent way to help children of surrogate mothers understand the surrogacy process and the gift their mothers are giving. This book has 4 ½ stars out of 231 ratings!

My Mom Is A Surrogate - Another great story that helps kids understand the surrogate journey through the experiences of the children of a surrogate. This book describes the process from appointments to the hospital stay and coming home without a baby. This book has a lot of value for setting expectations for children of surrogates who will not have a relationship with the intended parents or see the baby after. This book has 5 stars out of 81 ratings!

Wanted: A Journey to Surrogacy - A bi-lingual book about two parents who are doing everything they can to have a child, including embarking on a journey of surrogacy which they learn is a journey of perseverance, courage, and hope. This is a beautifully illustrated story for families who want to share what the surrogacy process was like with the child that came to them through surrogacy.

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