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What Can Surrogate Women Expect After Delivery?

For Surrogates, What Happens After Delivery?

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When a woman decides that she would like to be a surrogate – she is offering what cannot be expressed as anything less than a miracle. Couples who have been struggling to conceive but desperately want a child of their own find a physical miracle in women who choose to be surrogates.

While these women go through the pregnancy understanding the outcome and that the baby will be transferring to the arms of the intended parents, they often wonder throughout the pregnancy, “what will happen after the delivery?”

While the delivery process will be unique to your situation, you may have specific questions:

· Will the intended parents be in the delivery room?

· Who will cut the umbilical cord?

· Who will hold the baby for the first time?

With Genesis Rising in Nevada, surrogates will have a birth plan that specifically outlines these events. We will strive to meet the wishes and desires of each woman and prepare her for what to expect. But there are many other events that may come up after the delivery that surrogates should consider.

Post-Partum Care

Many women are surprised to find that although they do not bring the baby home from the hospital, they still experience very real and intense emotions. The body will need time to recover and feel “normal” again. Post-partum care is very important including follow-up visits with the OBGYN.

Emotional Care

Hormone production can be blamed for the plethora of emotions that arise after delivery. However, surrogates may experience a wide range of emotions about the pregnancy and delivery experiences. Carrying and delivering a child is a big deal! It is normal for women to find themselves on an emotional rollercoaster after the delivery and transition of the baby to the intended parents.

Communication With The Intended Parents

Before the baby is born, surrogates create a very detailed plan with the intended parents. This includes how the relationship will continue (or not continue) after the birth of the child. Some families express a great desire to stay in communication with the surrogate and some might choose to cut ties altogether. Some surrogates would like to see pictures and letters about the child and some even want to have the opportunity to interact with the child after. While every situation is different, knowing what to expect well before the delivery can make the transition much easier for the surrogate. After-delivery expectations of continuous communication will be addressed and detailed for both the surrogate and the intended parents.

In Nevada, Genesis Rising is committed to matching surrogates with intended parents who wish for the same outcome. While the surrogate is giving a beautiful gift to another family, the gift is theirs. For surrogates, knowing what will happen after the delivery will help them move forward post-pregnancy knowing that they helped make a family possible. After delivery, a new chapter awaits and Genesis Rising is here to help surrogates move into the future with pride, self-respect, and joy.

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