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Is It Hard To Become A Surrogate

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Let me just start off by saying that becoming a surrogate is not right for everyone, but for those that make the choice to be part of making the dreams come true for a couple wishing for a baby, it is an amazing journey.

As far as difficulty goes, being a surrogate is hard work. There are many steps and emotions that go into the process, and the pregnancy itself comes with potential risks and challenges just like any other pregnancy. Not every woman can be a gestational carrier. But how do you know if it is right for YOU? You can start by learning more about surrogacy and if you qualify to apply. Then, submit an application to start the pre-screening process.

Genesis Rising in Nevada is committed to educating potential women about surrogacy and what it takes to participate. You can contact us directly to get more information.

What Are The Requirements To Become A Surrogate In Nevada

All applicants will fill out a pre-screening form to determine if they meet the requirements to become a surrogate. This is a list of our pre-screening requirements:

  • Must be a legal resident of the United States.

  • Be between 21-38 years of age.

  • Must have at least one child of your own.

  • Have experienced a healthy full-term pregnancy and delivery.

  • Be in a stable living situation.

  • Not smoke, use alcohol or take illegal drugs during the pregnancy.

  • Have reliable transportation.​

  • Have a BMI (body mass index) of 33 and under. Calculate my BMI here.

  • Not currently accepting public assistance.

Click below to find out if you qualify: Pre-Screening Form

Is There Anything Else That I Should Know About Being A Surrogate?

Being a surrogate is not easy but is very rewarding. It requires dedication, flexibility, and organization. The women who have the best experiences are able to juggle many responsibilities at once. Gestational carriers often work and have their own families to care for while going through the surrogacy process. there are extra appointments than typical pregnancies due to the surrogacy process. Women who are organized and prepared for the extra medical appointments, meetings with the intended parents, and other obligations that arise are going to enjoy the process more.

Being open and flexible are fantastic traits of potential surrogates. A surrogate must be willing to participate with all of the different parties involved in the surrogacy and be flexible enough to adjust the plan if necessary. Please understand that your surrogacy needs and preferences are held with the highest respect and we would never ask you to compromise those. At the same time, surrogacy is not one-sided, it is a partnership between the surrogate and the intended parents. Our surrogacy specialists want to help you build an incredible relationship with the intended parents you are matched with. We want all surrogates and intended families to have an amazing experience and that comes when all parties are willing to listen and work together for the best outcome. Have A Support System

A good support system is beneficial in every big event in a person's life. This is no different for surrogacy. You will have many responsibilities and emotions during this journey and it is important that you have the support that you need. Genesis Rising and our surrogacy specialists are committed to providing the best support that we can to our surrogates.

After learning more about surrogacy and what it takes to become a gestational carrier, if you feel like this is the right journey for you, fill out an application to get started. The journey can be as amazing as you want it to be, Contact Genesis Rising in Nevada today!

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