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How Much Does Surrogacy Cost?

how much does surrogacy cost

Nobody wants to be surprised by the cost of anything. When it comes to growing your family, there is obviously no cost too great – but there is 'reasonable and affordable'. When people ask, “how much does surrogacy cost?” we know that they aren’t asking because they don’t want to pay “too much” for surrogacy services. What they really want to know is if the surrogacy route is the right route for them.

How Much Does Surrogacy Cost Overall?

Surrogacy costs are made up of different services. The surrogacy path must follow strict rules and guidelines and there are many different types of professionals and specialists involved. Surrogacy fees consist of a cumulation of all these services. You aren’t ‘paying for a baby’ – you are paying for the specialized services that make parenthood happen through surrogacy.

OBGYN’s, lawyers, social workers, and even medical billing specialists are all intertwined in these costs. (Let’s not forget the amazing surrogate, as well, who is compensated through this cost).

Surrogacy costs in the United States, the safest place to do surrogacy, can range from $100,000 to $200,000.

How Does A Surrogacy Agency Charge?

Surrogacy agencies play a huge role in the surrogacy journey. There are fees involved for an agency to manage and coordinate the path to parenthood. Intended Parents often find comfort in seeking surrogate agencies when they begin exploring surrogacy as a path to parenthood. Intended parents have a lot of questions and concerns that might create fear and worry. Surrogacy Agencies can put these fears to rest, and help Intended Parents understand the surrogacy steps and what has to happen in order for the journey to start and complete successfully.

Surrogacy Agencies help with several events throughout the journey:

  • Coordination of all medical and professional services from clinic visits to hospitals, legal services, and more.

  • Intended parent matching with surrogate or donor.

  • Emotional support and professional counseling through licensed social workers.

  • Preparation for and personal guidance through pregnancy, delivery, return-to-home, travel, and more.

  • Post-deliver support and communication.

How Much Do Surrogates Get Paid

Surrogates are compensated through the overall cost – and they receive the largest portion of the total amount. There is a base fee for a surrogate that can reach $45,000. Additional costs are included in the surrogacy pay that includes post-care, childcare, maternity clothing, lost wages, travel, life insurance, and more. Surrogates are compensated generously for their time and devotion to helping families grow. Genesis Rising helps women all over the United States and is based in Las Vegas, Nevada. We support women on the journey to parenthood and the women who choose to use their time and bodies to help grow families. The family journey is precious and more valuable than money. If surrogacy is the best choice for you, or if you are trying to decide if it is, please reach out to our support team and learn more about the surrogacy journey and how our team of experts can serve you and help you along your path!

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