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How Long Does The Egg Donation Process Take

young woman considering egg donation and how long the egg donation process will be

Egg donors are adding another element to their already busy lives when they choose to go through the egg donation journey. These women know that they can support families who want to have children and cannot do it on their own. They know that it is worth the time and energy to help these families grow and they are very dedicated and committed to the path. But, all of this does not make the process any easier or any faster. Every woman has to go through the same process to qualify as an egg donor and then complete the donation.

It is 100% normal for women to feel that egg donation is risky, unsafe, or just intimidating. Egg donation is unfamiliar to women who have not done it before or who really don't know very much about it and are just starting to explore the option. Life is busy and complicated and Genesis Rising knows that you have concerns and want to make the best choice for yourself and we want to support you through that process.

We know that women often feel a lot more comfortable and can make decisions more easily when they know the details and understand the process. Part of being comfortable means knowing what to expect - and that includes the time frame needed to commit to egg donation and fit this experience into this time of life.

Getting To Know The Screening Process

The screening process seems pretty intense and strict - and that's because it is. Egg donors are disqualified if egg donation can be harmful to a prospective donor's mental or physical health. Egg donors are also chosen through a screening process that determines if the egg donation has the highest chance of success.

The screening process can take 3-4 visits with doctors or fertility specialists. During this two to three-month period, the candidate will undergo psychological and physical exams and provide extensive medical history and family health history. To qualify for pre-screening, applicants must meet minimum requirements.

If prospective donors meet the requirements above, they will join our group of top donors. The appointments during the screening process are not always terribly lengthy, but there is time that we need to collect the data, evaluate candidates, and move forward with approval.

After a thorough screening, evaluation, and approval, they will join a collection of the best donors we have to offer.

Egg Retrieval

The egg retrieval process is a faster process than the screening. The process and length of time are relatively the same for everyone:

  1. 2-3 weeks after a period: take oral contraceptive pills.

  2. After the 2-3 week period: ultrasound and bloodwork appointment.

  3. (If approved) Next 10-day period: Hormone injections begin to simulate egg growth and maturity. *Daily monitoring is required

  4. 36 hours before retrieval: Trigger shot to release eggs from the ovaries

  5. 20 minute: Egg retrieval procedure

  6. 1-2 days after: Rest

If you think egg donation is right for you or if you have questions or concerns while deciding if it is right for you - please don't hesitate to reach out to our trained professional staff at Genesis Rising. We are here to make sure that your journey is an amazing experience and that we make sure you have all of the information that you need to make a decision that works for you in your life.

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