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Being A Surrogate In Nevada - Reconsider Celebrity Surrogacy

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Even celebrities experience struggles with infertility or other issues that make surrogacy the best option for them to grow their families.

Being A Surrogate In Nevada - Reconsider Celebrity Surrogacy

For surrogates, the journey of carrying a baby for another family is intensely rewarding….but when the intended parents happen to be celebrities, the entire journey is changed. It is enticing to think about being a surrogate for a celebrity. It seems glamorous, yes, but the beauty is on the outside. What women aren’t seeing is what is happening behind the scenes for surrogates who are working with 'celebrity' intended parents.

There are significant factors that women considering being a surrogate in Nevada, or in any state, should consider before stepping into a celebrity surrogacy journey.

  • Lack of privacy, invasion of privacy, and public scrutiny from the media

  • Legal complexities due to high-profile attornies

  • High-stress and demands

  • Loss of control

Let’s take a closer look at some of these. While it does seem like these are just factors that “come with the territory” it’s extremely important to understand the implications of each.

Your Privacy Is Important

As a celebrity surrogate, the privacy you have is threatened. Celebrities are constantly exposed to the public and the media twists what they capture to their advantage. That means that everything about you will be exposed. This experience can be overwhelming and stressful without unfamiliar media intrusion. It is best to understand how this will affect your life.

Extensive Legalities

Surrogacy is already comprised of legal agreements that protect the intended parents and the surrogate they are working with. Because celebrities can afford high-profile attornies, it can become challenging to make sure these agreements keep your rights and well-being as much of a priority as the intended parent's wants and desires. Your legal representation should be versed in dealing with celebrities and be able to ensure that you are protected.

High Stress, High Emotions Becoming a surrogate for celebrities requires more than any woman expects. Celebrities are often dealing with time-consuming schedules and very demanding careers. They may have higher expectations to meet their own emotional needs. Trust and understanding are key to creating a bond between surrogates and intended parents and that can be more difficult to establish with celebrities.

Loss of Control And Public Pressure

Do you read celebrity news? If you do, you have probably noticed how much of what is posted is negative. Celebrities are scrutinized for more than just their appearances. They are downright shamed for perceived parenting, relationships with significant others, and even for eating certain types of foods. There is an extremely delicate finesse that celebrities have to use in public, and they still have to prepare for harsh judgments and criticism. Many celebrities are overwhelmed and suffer mental anguish from the constant pressure of fame. This is something that surrogates of celebrities have to be prepared for as well.

It might look pretty from the outside. You might imagine crowds taking your picture, or spending time with celebrities while they dote over your pregnancy. But behind that fantasy is a side of celebrity surrogacy that you wouldn’t picture because you have not experienced it.

Some women may not find this engagement too burdensome. But many, many other women would not find as much satisfaction and fulfillment in the surrogacy process without being able to connect to the journey with privacy.

Before you decide, we ask you to consider talking to one of our trained professionals and get more information about private surrogacy with a family who is dreaming every day of holding their own little one - and cannot do it without someone like you!

Call Genesis Rising today or fill out our form for more information!

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