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Our Genesis Team

Catharine Murray, our founder and CEO, brings 25 years of family building experience to our team. She finds great satisfaction in her job and is dedicated to helping families grow.

Samantha is Catharine's right hand helper. She assists with daily tasks and duties to help everything run smoothly- including finances, design, and communication.

Summer is an experienced surrogate. Her passion is to help build families so they can experience the love and joy she has had in her own life. She goes by the African Proverb, "It takes a village to raise a child", and feels blessed to be able to be a part of each journey.

Alana is a 4 time experienced surrogate. She feels that parenthood is a gift that everyone should experience. She loves working for Genesis Rising and is passionate about helping women who desire to give the ultimate gift of family.

Linzi is an experienced surrogate who is passionate about connecting our surrogates to the community and each other. She loves running our support group and showing face in the Las Vegas community. She is also a case manager for some IP(s) and surrogates.

With 15 years of experience in the medical field in both the capacity of surrogacy parents' coordinator and as and as an IVF practice manager, Carmit has vast experience in guiding intended parent(s) through their transformative experience of achieving parenthood through surrogacy. Her role is to support our intended parent(s) every step of the way, from initial consultation to bringing your baby home. She understands that each family's path to parenthood is unique and provides personalized guidance tailored to the needs and preferences of our intended parent(s).

Rebecca is an experienced Intended Parent Coordinator with 15 years of expertise in reproductive medicine and infertility. Specializing in IVF, Assisted Reproductive Technologies, and 3rd party reproduction, she brings a wealth of knowledge and passion to her role. She is committed to helping intended parents navigate the complexities of reproductive medicine and achieve their dream of building a family.

Anna assists future intended parents (IP) in creating their family through surrogacy. She went through surrogacy herself to make her dream of motherhood come true. Since then, she decided to share her strong understanding and expertise as IP journey coordinator. She offers friendly tailor-made supportive service in French, English or German for IPs all along their journey.

Nicol loves meeting our local Las Vegas surrogates in person! She is warm and friendly, and she loves making connections with our surrogates. Her home visit reports are utilized as a service to Intended Parent(s) that match with Las Vegas surrogates.

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